-=- Realm of Mianite -=-
Complete server Rules and Guidelines list
General Rules:
1. Griefing other players or server builds is not allowed. There are some exceptions for purge.
2. Stealing from players is not allowed unless it is during Purge.
3. Swearing is allowed. However, abusing this will have consequences.
4. Spamming the chat will result in a temporary mute.
5. No killing other members of your faction outside of the PvP Arena.
6. Hacked Clients are not allowed. If proven guilty its punishable by ban.
7. Speak to all players or staff respectfully. If there is conflict resolve it in private message or report it to an Admin
8. Do NOT ask for staff or permissions. You can apply to join our staff team here.

PvP Arena Rules:
1. Combat Logging is not tolerated. If someone is actively chasing you or engaging in combat with you DON'T log out or tp.
2. Flying in the PvP Arena is not permitted.
3. Enderpearls are allowed in the arena but do not spam them or abuse them. Punishable by jail time.
4. Hacking will not be tolerated. If someone is clearly hacking in PvP, please report it to a staff member with proof.
5. Bypassing a combat tag with marriage tp or any other command is NOT allowed.

Purge Rules:
1. You may break blocks to gain entrance to a base or room. However, this does NOT mean griefing is allowed. If it is clear you intentionally griefed an entire base it can result in a permanent ban.
2. Stealing from other players is allowed during purge. However, if you live in a town with more than 5 people then you can't steal from mutual town members.
3. Raiding server builds or prayer rooms is NEVER allowed. This will result in a permanent ban.
This list is subject to change. Make sure to keep yourself updated by visiting periodically