-=- Realm of Mianite -=-
Complete server Rules and Guidelines list
General Rules:
1. Griefing other players or server builds is not allowed. There are some exceptions for purge.
2. Stealing from players is not allowed unless it is during Purge. This INCLUDES scamming players out of items.
3. Swearing is allowed. However, abusing this and being immature will have consequences.
4. Spamming the chat will result in a temporary mute.
5. No killing other followers of your God outside of the PvP Arena unless otherwise allowed for special event.
6. Hacked Clients are not allowed PERIOD. Optifine is allowed. Schematica and minimap mods are not allowed. If proven guilty its punishable by permanent ban.
7. Speak to all players or staff respectfully. If there is conflict resolve it in private message or report it to a staff member.
8. Do NOT ask for staff or permissions. You can apply to join our staff team here.
9. If a player asks you to leave their base on a non-purge day, you must leave. Refusing to do so will result in punishment.
10. Random Killing in the wilderness on non-purge is LEGAL, however, killing players inside or outside of players houses/bases is ILLEGAL on any day except purge. (In other words you may not just run up on players who are minding their own business in their house and kill them, however, if you run into another player exploring in the wild away from their home or base you're free to kill them as this is still survival minecraft.)
11. Spam Killing or Spawn Camping is not tolerated. The only time this is tolerated is on purge during a raid to keep the owner away while you steal from chests.
12. Blatantly lying to other players to scam them out of items or money is not allowed, however you are allowed to trick players into tping you into their base. (To set a home for a possible purge raid)

PvP Arena Rules:
1. Combat Logging is not tolerated. If someone is actively chasing you or engaging in combat with you DON'T log out or tp.
2. Flying in the PvP Arena is not permitted.
3. Enderpearls are allowed in the arena but do not spam them or abuse them. Punishable by jail time.
4. Hacking will not be tolerated. If someone is clearly hacking in PvP, please report it to a staff member with proof.
5. Bypassing a combat tag with marriage tp or any other command is NOT allowed.
6. Banned items include speed talismans, grappling hooks, seismic axes, and wind staffs.
7. You may not push other players into the arena from the spectating area.

Purge Rules:
1. You may break up to 15 blocks to gain entrance to a base or room on purge. However, deliberatly breaking blocks randomly is NOT allowed and obvious excessive grief is punishable by ban.
2. Stealing from other players is allowed during purge. However, if you live in an established town with more than 3 people then you can't steal from mutual town members on purge.
3. Blocks that are allowed to be broken and stolen on purge include: Anvils, Enchantment Tables, Enderchests, and Spawners.
4. Raiding server builds or prayer rooms is NEVER allowed. This will result in a permanent ban.
5. On purge you may freely murder or steal from any player you'd like. Including members of your own faction.
6. You may use your enderchest and backpacks to store valuable items away on purge, however, if items are stolen on purge there is nothing staff can do.
Prayer Rules:
1. Gods have the right to refuse any prayer if the requested item is too valuable or if an offering is insufficient.
2. You may not pray for dragon eggs, emeralds, beacons, nether stars, spawn eggs, or any enchantment level higher than three.
3. Do not leave unsigned book and quills in the prayer chest.

Donator Rules:
1. You may not kill or raid other players while you are in vanish mode.
2. Do not spawn mobs directly on other players using /spawnmob
3. Players who chargeback will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal.
4. Don't spawn trees at server builds or event locations. For obvious reasons.
5. You may not use /speed during PvP fights or to abandon fights. This applies both in the arena and in the wilderness.

This list is subject to change. Make sure to keep yourself updated by visiting periodically. If you feel there is a rule that would further improve the quality of the server, let the owner know.